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Multi-purpose Use Of Ladders

Nov 09 , 2018

Metal ladders are a useful tool in rescue equipment. Metal ladders can be used as bridges. When using the ladder as a bridge, make sure that the two ends of the ladder are stable (at least three ladders are required on both ends). After the Foldable Steel Ladder is placed, put some wooden boards on it for easy walking. (Note that the metal ladder will find electricity, so choose the position when placing the ladder to ensure safety). When erecting a Multi-purpose Ladder, one person must hold underneath to prevent the ladder from slipping. Another option is to bundle the lower part of the ladder on a firm object.

1. Unless you have something in your hand, be sure to grab the Telescopic Ladder, not both sides of the ladder, and stand in the middle of the ladder and look up instead of looking down.

When you need to stand on a ladder, you can use one leg to cross the ladder and use the power of your knees to hold the ladder and keep your body stable.

2. The distance from the bottom of the Aluminum Extension Ladder to the wall is approximately one quarter of the actual height. In order to improve safety, at least three ladders are required to be above the working height when working at high altitudes (such as roofs).

Multi-purpose Ladder